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It's all happening--NOW!

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful, but we have new goals we are working to fund for raleigh [   ] space, including:

  • Special features on the parklet, like SOLAR POWER and a RECLAIMED WATER system.

  • Additional funds for the DESIGNER-IN-RESIDENCE program, which will be launched this fall.

  • Resources for OTHER groups interested in starting parklets in Raleigh!!

We want raleigh [   ] space to be a GAME CHANGER in downtown Raleigh.

We are so grateful that YOU are part of it… let's set the bar VERY VERY HIGH for Raleigh parklets. YAY RALEIGH!

Support raleigh [   ] space and donate today. For donations of $10 and above we'll send you a cool sticker so you can spread the word and let people know that you support the parklet.

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