How does it work?

Collaborative & Responsive Design

One of the greatest things about raleigh [   ] space is that the design is a full collaboration among the very best in our community: students, professionals, educators and entrepreneurs. We intend to continue that collaborative spirit once the space is open by offering “residencies” (and honoraria!) to local designers and educators.

Our team continues to grow as community organizations jump on board with innovative concepts that are congruous with our vision. The final design will be managed by the leadership team, with the goal of offering flexibility and adaptability so that community members, organizations and individual designers can apply to use the space.

As the use of the space evolves, so will the design. One of the exciting features of raleigh [  ] space is that it will continually change, adapt and evolve with the needs and wants of the users.   

A Home for Creativity and Innovation

Creativity, innovation, design: these are buzzwords that are constantly used to describe Raleigh. It is our intention for raleigh [   ] space to be a small but mighty stage to show off the wonderful things that are bubbling up in our downtown.

A unique and extremely exciting feature of our plan is to offer the opportunity for designers, artists, musicians, builders, food growers, landscapers and educators to apply to use, adapt, modify or supplement this space. Murals, gardens, classroom activities, sculpture, small inventions, textiles... everything is game, and we want to offer honoraria to support these activities!  An application process will be announced on the parklet website this summer and the first designers will be invited to contribute to the opening of raleigh [   ] space.

The Team

Here’s the lowdown on the Project Leaders.

Tyner Tew, MLA Candidate, NCSU College of Design

Bob Massengale, MLA Candidate, NCSU College of Design

Pam Blondin, Owner, Deco Raleigh

Carla Delcambre, Teaching Assistant Professor, NCSU College of Design

Emma Blondin, Amanda Pearlswig, NCSU College of Design

Julie Schmidt & Alison Rogers, yellowDog: Creative

Tyner is a graduate student in NC State's Masters of Landscape Architecture with interests in landscape asset management, community design, park design, and urban design. Tyner has pursued implementing a parklet since 2012 and is extremely excited for the opportunity the raleigh [   ] space parklet project will provide for visitors and citizens alike in Raleigh, NC.

Bob has an abounding interest in places, spaces and people.  He’s been in and out of Raleigh since 2000, working on his degrees. He moved back to town to start grad school in 2012 after several years of commercial fishing and habitat restoration work in Alaska. He’s psyched for this parklet, because he wants to see Raleigh’s creative juices let out when this mini space is turned loose!

Pam opened Deco Raleigh with a focus on promoting local artisans and creating community downtown. She got into retail after nearly 30 years as a non-profit executive. She currently serves on the Raleigh Downtown Plan Advisory Committee and has become an outspoken advocate for a dynamic, creative and visionary downtown.

Prof. Delcambre’s summer session Landscape Architecture course is built around the students creating structural models and design proposals for this parklet project. Carla’s passion for teaching is focused on environmental and ecological issues, particularly those related to sustainable design, storm water management and brown field redevelopment.

Emma and Amanda are rising sophomores in the NCSU College of Design. Amanda is majoring in graphic design, and Emma is majoring in architecture. They filmed and produced the video for this project and serve as members of the leadership team.

Julie Schmidt and Alison Rogers of yellowDog : creative have worked closely with Deco Raleigh since 2012 and graciously donated their time to developing a logo, website and promotional materials for raleigh [   ] space. They are invaluable members of both the Deco and parklet teams.