Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We exceeded our Kickstarter goal and planning is underway! If you'd like to donate to the stretch goals you can still do that at DECO Raleigh.

What are the Stretch Goals?

  • Support "wish list" parklet features like solar power, reclaimed water systems, lighting and creative features that require special manufacturing.
  • Increase the funding for our "designer in residence" program that will launch this fall and extend for at least the first year of the parklet.
  • Fund opportunities and resources for other groups who want to create parklets in Raleigh. We LOVE to share! 

Where Will the Kickstarter Money Go?

Our initial budget is very straightforward, and we will modify the amounts as aspects are donated and/or fees are waived. All unused funds, including money raised beyond our goal, will be used for the following:

  • Additional funding for “designer in residence” honoraria AND
  • Funding opportunities for FUTURE parklets in downtown Raleigh

Materials:     $5000

Our goal is to use reclaimed materials insofar as that is possible. A HUGE thanks to Empire Properties for helping us with this important aspect of our design, and we are very open to other collaborations and donations of building materials, plants/landscaping, lighting, water collection, solar power components and eco-friendly aspects of the design. As our design unfolds and specific needs are identified, we will list those on the raleigh [   ] space website.

Designers In Residence:  $5000

We will offer designers and educators the opportunity to apply for use of raleigh [   ] space for installations and/or programming. We hope to maintain a fund (seeded with this initial $5000) to offer support for these activities based on a simple application process (to be managed by Deco Raleigh).

Parking Fees:  $5000

One of the City of Raleigh requirements is that parklets pay fees for displaced parking spaces. These fees are approximately $2500 per year, per space. We do hope to petition the city to waive the fees, but the project won’t be possible if we can’t cover them. If we are fortunate enough to get the fees partially or fully waived, this money will support the items above!

Admin, Permit & Miscellaneous Fees: $1500

Another reality of this sort of project is that it costs money to raise money. This includes fees that will go to the Kickstarter page and credit card companies, in addition to some limited production costs for related materials, website, etc. No professional fees are included here. Marketing and graphic design work have all been graciously donated by yellowDog : creative. This line item also includes permits, insurance riders, etc.

TOTAL: $16,500 

Why Should You Give?

We believe that within the next year or two, many parklets will start popping up around Raleigh, and we couldn't be more pleased. This is such a wonderful way for members of the community to express themselves, and we want to help make it happen!

Part of our commitment on this project is to help make it easier for future parklet creators. We are documenting the process and working closely with City of Raleigh officials as they adapt ordinances and regulations to properly address the specific requirements that arise with projects like this. 

As you will see from the incredible rewards associated with this fundraiser, we are also VERY committed to partnering with our neighbors. This project is about making Raleigh a better place to live and about sharing what makes our city so amazing. We are humbled by the number of people who have had a dream like ours and are deeply grateful for the vision and energy they committed to making this possible in Raleigh.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to two business sponsors that have already shown incredibly generous support for raleigh [   ] space.

Empire Properties will be donating consultation on design and construction plus access to reclaimed materials to help build raleigh [   ] space.  Empire Eats has donated some wonderful goodies for us to give away to our Kickstarter supporters!

YellowDog : creative is contributing countless hours of time helping us create our logo, website, communication materials and social media plans. And the owner, Julie Schmidt, has donated some of her incredible Raleigh Skyline artwork for us to give away as well!

We want YOU to be part of the team!!! Thank you in advance for making a personally meaningful gift to support raleigh [   ] space. We can't wait to celebrate with you at the grand opening in September!!